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10:00 a.m. at the Board’s office.  The application deadline is July 18, 2024.

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Renewal Application Instructions

Renewal Application

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Pursuant to Code of Alabama, 1975 Section 22-30D-5(e), the balance of the Fund for the Alabama Drycleaning Environmental Response Trust Fund Advisory Board is $1,280,060.30 as of 5-23-24. Due to the unobligated balance not exceeding $8,000,000.00, the registration fee imposed by Section 22-30D-6, will be payable on the following July 1.
Code of Alabama 1975, Section 22-30D-6(h) The registration fee shall be paid quarterly by each owner or operator to the Department of Revenue, one-fourth (1/4) on April 1, one-fourth (1/4) on July 1, one-fourth (1/4) on October 1, and one-fourth (1/4) on January 1, and shall become delinquent on the 20th day of each said month. The registration fee shall be paid annually by each wholesale distributor to the Department of Revenue on April 1 and shall become delinquent on the 20th day of April.

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